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Route Guard

The pioneering new app that helps families to plan travel together and provides reassurance for parents and young people alike


Peace of mind whether your child is walking or cycling, on journeys to school, or anywhere else


Let's you plan travel together whilst supporting them to travel independently

... every step of the way

Check the location of Route Guard users at any time, in real time, wherever they are

Why Route Guard?

Year after year we hear young people say that they would love to travel independently by walking or cycling more. And we know that encouraging them to be active will give them a healthier life as an adult.

But, as parents and guardians, we often face another concern - that if we allow our young people that level of freedom, we might be exposing them to other risks. So, we have developed a pioneering new app that helps families to plan travel together - providing reassurance for parents and young people alike.

An app for them ...

RouteGuard runs automatically when your young person's mobile phone is on. Whenever they are moving it sends their location details, using GPS, to the paired RouteGuardian app every few seconds. So, they know someone responsible has their back wherever they are and they can get around safely. When they stop their location updates less frequently to conserve their phone's battery life.

... and an app for you

Every RouteGuard enabled mobile phone is connected to a mobile phone with RouteGuardian installed. Parents and guardians using RouteGuardian can see the location of their RouteGuard users at any time, in real time, for peace of mind.

They can set up zones along roads and around destinations to create an alert whenever a zone is entered or exited so they know when the connected young person arrives and departs safely.


Route Guard is designed to provide reassurance for parents and young people alike

  • Active

    Removes barriers to independent travel to support more active lifestyles

  • Peace of mind

    Receive notifications whenever a young person enters or exits a pre-defined zone

  • Secure

    Only the licensed Guardian can invite their children to link with them

  • Accessible

    RouteGuard supports low cost smart phones as long as they have GPS capability

  • Collaborative

    Select journey start point and map out a route with your child

  • Accurate

    Updates your young person's location every few seconds using GPS


Simple to set up and use, Route Guard is designed to give you peace of mind in minutes



  • Encourage independence
  • Works whether walking or cycling
  • Accurately report GPS location
  • Load zones for school, home, clubs and friends
  • Young people feel more secure

£2.99 (when on sale)

  • Connect to multiple young people
  • Afford them greater freedom
  • Secure platform, licensed through schools
  • Plan routes and locations together

Route Guard

Available on iOS and Android

Route Guardian

Available on iOS and Android


Still have questions? Find out more here

Only the licensed Guardian can invite young people to link with them. Licence keys will be issued by the school (or local authority) so that the school (or local authority) can validate that the app is only being used by legitimate guardians. A guardian can invite multiple young people to allow for larger families or for use by carers.
No, the app will be available to download on the app stores, so everyone will be able to see it, but without a licence code issued by the school or local authority, the software will be useless.
No, we support low cost smart phones as long as they have a GPS capability. Even older phones are supported going back to Android 5.0. GPS capability does vary from device to device, so the very low-cost phones may not provide the same level of accuracy as a higher specification device, but this won't stop the app from working.
The app does use some battery life, but we estimate that use of Route Guard will degrade the battery by around 10-12% per day.
Yes, RouteGuard uses a small amount of data, typically around 1Mb per day.
The app can alert the Guardian if location data has not been received over a 40 minute period, and the last known location will remain available. This allows the Guardian to call the young person if they are concerned.
GPS accuracy does vary from phone to phone, but typically the accuracy is within 10 metres. This is normally sufficient to identify that the young person is on the route that you agreed together.
Notifications are received whenever a connected young person enters or exits a pre-defined zone or route which has been added to the map. A zone can be the school, the home, the leisure centre or any intended destination.